Man mortified to discover he’s been using his microwave wrong for six years

Man mortified to discover he’s been using his microwave wrong for six years

A TikTok user named @mrelectricnick heard someone say that the ‘age related’ marks on his microwave were due to a piece of film over the controls, so he went to investigate

A man found he’d never properly unwrapped his microwave despite using it for six years after seeing a viral social media video.

The TikTok user, @mrelectricnick, saw a video on the social media platform that said microwaves came with a film over the controls, and if not removed then eventually it will bubble up.

He then created a video of his microwave and shows how several of the buttons are looking extremely worn out – and he says “you’ve got to be kidding me”.

He then grabs a corner and to his surprise, there is still a sticker in place, and he peels it off leaving his microwave looking as good as new.

The TikTok video was extremely popular with social media users and it had over 2.5 million views in the first day, alongside 177,000 likes and nearly a thousand comments.

One user said: “How are we related? This is literally the first thing I do with any appliance.”

Other users had a mixed reaction to the video, with some saying they knew about the protective film but left it on anyway.

One said: “I keep mine on to keep it clean.”

And another wrote: “I’m so confused, I thought this was common sense? How did people not know that?”

But others were equally as unaware, as one added: “OK what the hell. I just did this to my microwave tonight, I’ve had it for ten years.”