AMD announces a new cloud gaming GPU and teases next-gen accelerators

AMD announces a new cloud gaming GPU and teases next-gen accelerators

It’s been almost a year since AMD released the RX 6800 XT, and they’ve got more to give. AMD have announced they’re releasing a new cloud gaming card based on it, called the Radeon Pro V620.

According to AMD VP Jeff Connell, the demand for cloud gaming warranted the creation of a GPU just for the job. But the V620 isn’t limited to gaming; it comes with partitioning capabilities that make it capable of streaming multiple desktops / workspaces from the cloud simultaneously.

The V620 differs from the 6800 XT mostly in its memory capacity, 32 GB instead of 16 GB. Otherwise, they’re not too different; they have the same 4,608 cores, similar clock speeds in the 2 GHz region, and the same 300 W TDP.

You can’t mistake one for the other, though. Because it’s designed for servers, the V620 has an unremarkable passive cooler that’s quite a bit smaller than the plastic and metal behemoth strapped to the 6800 XT. It needs case fans to keep it cool.

AMD isn’t releasing the V620 to retail and they don’t seem interested in providing it to OEMs, which is unsurprising but disappointing. If you want to buy a GPU with 32 GB of memory you’re limited to the less powerful W6800.

Alternatively, you could wait for a virtualization company like Shadow to pick up the V620 and sell it to you in a monthly subscription. Google Stadia is another likely candidate for the card if you just want to game.

If 32 GB of memory isn’t enough for you, AMD can take it up a notch. On Monday, AMD CEO Dr Lisa Su will helm the AMD Accelerated Data Center presentation, during which she will announce the next generation of AMD Compute GPUs and Epyc CPUs.

Past leaks have indicated that AMD’s new Instinct Accelerator has 128 GB of HBM2E. It could be one of the largest GPUs ever made, hence the massive heatsinks in the teaser image above.

AMD won’t have long to rest on their laurels, though. Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang will strike back on Tuesday during the Nvidia GTC 2021 Fall keynote. Stay tuned!