Man, 30, booed after refusing to give child hockey puck he caught during match

Man, 30, booed after refusing to give child hockey puck he caught during match

A man on Reddit has said he caught a rogue hockey puck ‘fair and square’, but other crowd members were unimpressed when he refused to hand it to a child in the same row

Whether it’s a cricket ball, a hockey puck, or a baseball, being that person in a crowd who manages to catch the small object as it’s flying through the air is an exhilarating feeling.

But one man has said his excitement at catching a puck during a recent hockey match was quickly taken away from him when he was actively booed by those around him for not giving the item to a child.

The man explained he caught the puck fair and square, and when a boy of around 10 years old asked him if he could have it, he said no.

Writing on Reddit, he said: “I attended a game, and a fly puck went into my section. I caught that barehanded, 20 rows up. I’m 30 years old and this is a first time high for me. An unintentional treasure.

“A kid came up to me, maybe 10-12 years old, in the same row and asked me for the puck while his dad was blatantly watching. I said ‘No, I earned this little man. Keep trying’. I literally got booed by my section.”

The man went on to say he would never get in the way of an athlete who is purposefully trying to throw an item to a child in the stands, but he doesn’t feel “obligated” to give up something he caught fairly.

He added: “I never had this moment as a kid, but finally felt it as an adult. And I genuinely felt like a kid again, at least before the unwarranted booing. Why do I need to give up what I got fairly?

“Please understand, if an athlete is intending to throw a puck or ball to a kid, I would never intercept it knowing my size and ability. That’s petty. But if a puck or ball was unintentionally lodged into the stands and someone was able to get it despite age that’s a lifetime treasure and experience. It’s truly luck really seeing the odds.”

Many of the 600 people who left a comment on the post agreed with the man, insisting he didn’t need to give up the puck for anybody.

One person wrote: “You are absolutely not obligated and based on your story that thing chose you. If the kid their parents or anyone else expected you to give it to them that is their problem.”

While another said: “It’s one of those things that should never be asked for. If someone decides to give their ball/puck to a kid, then it’s lovely but no one should ever ask for it. It’s super presumptuous!”

And a third wrote: “I’m with you it only a d**k move if you stole their shot at catching it.”