Woman left in tears at sweet message from landlord after her father-in-law dies

Woman left in tears at sweet message from landlord after her father-in-law dies

The kind-hearted gesture from the unknown landlord went viral, after the woman shared the sweet message that he had sent to her husband’s family, following their dad’s death

A landlord who went above and beyond for a tenants family has seen his gesture of kindness go viral.

With many families going through hard times due to the pandemic and a spike in the cost of living, many tenants in rented accommodation have worried about covering their bills.

Now one woman has shared the lengths her landlord went to after her husband’s family lost their dad – and she was left in tears.

Alexis Arlene, from the US, shared a picture to Twitter, of a message the family received following the devastating incident.

She wrote: “Our landlord WHAT???,” before adding a series of crying emojis.

The text said: “Hi Oscar, I wanted to thank you and your family for being great all these years.

“I also wanted to send my condolences again for the loss of your father. You have worked hard and I’d like to show my appreciation and waive the month of November.

“I hope this helps with some Christmas shopping or whatever it can help out with. So please no need to send Novembers rent.

“We’ll pick back up in December. God bless.”

Alexis added: “We’ve been so heartbroken. I asked God to send me some type of good news this day. I know this won’t bring my father in law back but it takes some weight off after being off of work due to this loss. So thankful.”

People were left touched by the gesture, as one added: “The world needs more of this!!!!!”

Another wrote: “These people restore faith entirely.”

A third commented: “This just added +15 to my faith. Wow, not every landlord is psychopathic.”

“My heart. My landlord did the same for us when I got laid off pregnant at the start of covid. There are still good people in the world,” shared another.